Bootstrap 3 components built with React.

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Under active development - APIs will change. Check out the 1.0.0 Roadmap and Contributing Guidelines to see where you can help out. Prior to the 1.0.0 release, deprecations or breaking changes should result in a Minor version bump.

支持React v0.13

Releases from v0.27.0 onward only support React v0.14. The latest releases compatible with React v0.13 are the v0.26.x releases.


See the documentation with live editable examples.



  • Install the dependencies with npm install
  • Run tests npm test
  • Run tests in watch mode npm run test-watch
  • Run the docs site in development mode with npm run docs. This will watch for file changes as you work. Simply refresh the page to see the updates.
  • Build with npm run build


Yes please! See the contributing guidelines for details.